Sam Mendes Announces Four Individual Films Spotlighting The Beatles’ Members”

Sam Mendes, the director of the movie 1917, is going to make four big movies about each member of The Beatles: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. These movies will show the story of each band member from their own point of view.

The films will come out worldwide in 2027. This is the first time The Beatles and Apple Corps Ltd. have allowed their life stories and music to be used in such long movies.

Sam Mendes said, “I’m happy to tell the story of the greatest rock band ever and change what people think about movies.”

Pippa Harris, who works with Sam Mendes, said, “We want to make this a really exciting movie experience: four films, each from a different viewpoint, but all telling one big story about the most famous band ever. We’re really lucky to have The Beatles’ and Apple Corps’ permission to do this.”

There have been other movies about The Beatles, like Nowhere Boy in 2009, which showed John Lennon and the band when they were teenagers. In that movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson played Lennon and Thomas Brodie-Sangster played McCartney.

In 2021, Peter Jackson made a documentary called Get Back, which showed footage of The Beatles working on their album Let It Be in 1970.

We don’t know yet who will act in these new movies about The Beatles.

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