Seeing the girl, the cat from the shelter hugged her tightly and buried himself in her collar. But she couldn’t adopt him… (video)

The thought of not taking him broke my heart.

Andy Broumagen and Jessica Paren, who are engaged, agreed getting a cat would be wonderful. They headed to a nearby shelter with these ideas in mind.

Jessica adored a large cat that had sad eyes as she passed past the animal cages. The girl made the choice to embrace him.

The cat suddenly gripped Jessica very closely, burying his snout in her collar. He was reluctant to let her go.

He spent a little more than two weeks at this shelter. Because he did not get along at all with other animals or young children, he was returned to the shelter.

Because of his extremely tight embrace, Jessica made the decision to call him Clutch. But she was unable to bring him home.

The cat may be aggressive, and they do in fact have a young child. They also have a 19-year-old cat who expects their love and attention. Additionally, she will not be able to handle such a distinctive cat as Clutch due to her advanced age.

They chose to assist the cat in finding a new home since they could not bear to leave him in the shelter.

He gripped me firmly and wouldn’t let go when I attempted to put him back in the cage. I was unable to control my tears since it was so moving. My heart wrenched at the idea of not adopting him, said Jessica.

Clutch’s video became popular after Jessica chose to share it with the cat lover community on Facebook.

The way this lonely cat behaved moved others. And when Jessica made the choice to go see Clutch the following day, she noticed that numerous families had come to the shelter just to get this cat.

A day later, Jessica got a call from the orphanage telling her that Clutch had been adopted by a great family. She rejoiced for him!

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