“Seems To Have Lost Some Weight”: Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Tiny Waist In a See-Through Turtleneck!

She looks slimmer now.

Ashley Graham, a plus-size supermodel, never fails to delight her admirers with fashionable attire. Despite having a huge frame, the young woman maintains a slim face and skillfully displays her mouthwatering features.

Ashley Graham was present at a gathering on February 13 in New York. Fans were stunned by the supermodel’s weight loss! Graham displayed a fairly toned body with a tight-fitting skirt and a turtleneck made of lurex.

Although weighing 194 lbs, she is able to participate in sports due to her overall athletic rather than flabby figure. Ashley Graham weighs 194 pounds and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

After giving birth to twins less than a year ago, Ashley Graham, the most successful plus-size model, is still in command of the fashion industry.

Curiously, she appears smaller today than when she first started out in her job. Motherhood makes life more exciting! As a result, Ashley keeps shattering expectations by showcasing the attractiveness of obese women.

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