“Selena Gomez Shares Adorable Moments with Pets and Friends in Instagram Photo Collection

Selena Gomez shared a bunch of photos on her Instagram on Wednesday. The first one showed her in a cute outfit, and then there were more pictures of her pets and friends.

In one photo, Selena was smiling while wearing a warm coat with a hood, and her friend held a glass of wine next to her.

She also took pictures with her dogs Daisy and Winnie in a garden and went for a walk with them and her sister Gracie while wearing face masks. There were also some fun photos of Selena with her friends.

Selena captioned the pictures with “A dump 📸.”


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Her friend Brooklyn Beckham joked about not being in the photos, and Ashley Park called Selena a cute cuddler.

Selena has a lot of followers on Instagram, but she sometimes takes breaks from it because she doesn’t like seeing all the bad stuff happening in the world.

In October, she said she was taking a break from social media because she couldn’t stand seeing innocent people getting hurt. She wished she could change the world, but she knew that just posting on social media wouldn’t be enough.

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