Serenity the dog with an incurable tumor shows the world her beauty

Hope you can still enjoy your life and are happy!

Serenity may not look like other dogs, but she is content and is now getting the attention she deserves, so she doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks of her.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Serenity is a 4-year-old stray Siberian husky. She hasn’t been able to find the loving home she deserves because of the significant tumor on her face, which gives her a very unusual appearance.

Thankfully, Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform helped her find a place to call home. Serenity’s foster mother, Patti Dawson, described her as a content puppy. The dog came up to her and kissed her, hoping for a pet in return.

On the other side, Serenity is not doing well. The vet claims that Serenity’s aggressive tumor has gained control of her facial bones. Her skull, eye sockets, and nasal cavity were all affected.

Thankfully, she can still see, breathe, and eat. According to Dawson, the puppy hasn’t yet displayed any symptoms of distress. However, she was aware that everything may change in the future because she didn’t know how long Serenity would live.

Serenity always looks gorgeous in the images, despite her condition. Everyone wanted to help Serenity in any way they could since they were intrigued by her narrative. Serenity received presents in almost 300 bundles that were brought to the shelter. Every time she receives a box now, she is thrilled.

For the rest of her life, she will be lavishly pampered, as she ought to be. When Serenity notifies Dawson that it is time for her to leave, Dawson said she will say goodbye. The puppy will, however, continue to enjoy her best life in her loving foster family for the time being. We received important messages from Serenity. living a good life!

Pray that this puppy has a long and happy life and that a solution may be found to help her overcome her tumor. Lord, please heal this sweet, poor dog.

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