“Seven-Year-Old Stuns All”: Sets World Record in 100m Sprint

Meet Rudolf, a remarkable young boy who holds the world record in his age group 😊👏

Rudolf became a record holder at the age of seven when he set a record for the 100m sprint, completing it in just 13.48 seconds. That’s why everyone calls him “Flame.”

Rudolf is really good at track and field, and he’s also a speedy soccer player. He excels in his studies and makes his father proud.

He started his sports journey at the age of four and has won an impressive total of 36 medals, with 20 of them being gold. He even received the prestigious “Heisman Trophy” prize.

Rudolf is his father’s pride, and his dad always supports him. He’s received awards for his achievements in athletics, and he dreams of breaking Usain Bolt’s world record in the future.

This is just the beginning for Rudolf, as he has many more achievements ahead. We wish him good health and lots of success in all his endeavors.

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