“Shakira’s Struggles”: Unveiling Tensions with Mother-in-law Amidst Breakup Scandal

It seems like the public explanation for the breakup between the Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer player has ended. However, new details occasionally surface about the dramatic split.

During the scandal, fans uncovered an old video showing Gerard’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, behaving unkindly towards the singer. At that time, people wondered if it was just their personalities clashing or if Shakira’s mother-in-law was intentionally causing problems.

It turns out Montserrat’s attitude towards Shakira has always been bad. It’s said that she knew about her son’s affairs and even arranged a meeting with his mistress in Spain. Shakira, feeling upset, confided in her mother-in-law, not knowing the truth.

Things got worse between them, leading to a serious confrontation. An insider revealed that someone close to Piqué, who frequently visited their home, witnessed a heated argument. Montserrat allegedly hit Shakira in front of Gerard and the kids, and in response, Shakira couldn’t take it anymore and also hit back.

Now, it’s clear why Shakira is still struggling to find peace.

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