Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Was High in Every Episode of ‘The Osbournes’ Reality Show

Sharon Osbourne recently said that during the filming of their family reality show, “The Osbournes,” her husband Ozzy used marijuana a lot. The show aired from 2002 to 2005. Sharon mentioned this while talking with other contestants on the show “Celebrity Big Brother.” She said Ozzy was always high during filming and he’s never watched any episodes of the show.

Nowadays, Sharon, Ozzy, and their kids Kelly and Jack host a podcast together called “The Osbournes Podcast.” However, they don’t plan on bringing back their reality show. Kelly talked about how the original show affected her mental health negatively. She said it made her feel insecure because she felt like everything she said was being judged.

Ozzy said the reality show was like keeping a diary, but it also made him feel a bit crazy. He didn’t like having cameras in his house all the time. He said the show felt more and more unreal as it went on. Jack agreed and said they won’t do another season because of that.

The Osbournes also talked about Ozzy using marijuana. Sharon once tried to stop him from smoking by hiding his stash. Ozzy said marijuana should be legal everywhere, but he also admitted it can lead to using other drugs. He said he’d rather people smoke marijuana than tobacco because he finds tobacco more addictive.

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