She conquered the world of fashion and became the muse of Gucci. A new photo of Armine Harutyunyan was discussed on the Web

Meet Armine Harutyunyan, a model who conquered the world with her unusual beauty. The 25-year-old beauty became famous all over the world after she took part in the Gucci show.

The unusual appearance of the Armenian woman played a role in the development of Armine as a model.

Today, a successful girl is proud of at home. Who would have thought that an ordinary Armenian girl would be able to conquer the world of fashion? The other day, Armine published another picture, delighting the Network.

“Unusual beauty”, “An amateur, to put it mildly”, “Beautiful”, “Our beauty”, “Are you kidding or what? What is beautiful about this?”, “Oh, mom”, “What a weird one,” wrote netizens.

What do you say? What do you think about the beauty of the girl?

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