“She glows with happiness”: Cameron Diaz became pregnant at 47

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C. Diaz has finally made what is probably the most important decision of her life: she has decided to become a mother. As a result, the actress risked getting pregnant at the age of 47.

As you know, Cameron did not want to have a child before and openly stated this. Later, the actress admitted that in her youth she was forced to have an abortion, after which she could not bear a child for a long time. She had 2 miscarriages.

5 years ago, at the peak of her career, Diaz made an important and very unexpected announcement: she gave up her career in order to create a normal family. The actress married musician B. Madden. Her relatives have repeatedly admitted that Diaz refuses all offers, as she and her husband plan to have a baby.

This year, the couple decided to do IVF. After several attempts, the journalists filmed the actress, where you can see her rounded tummy.

“She glows with happiness!” journalists write. This is not surprising, because her most cherished desire has finally come true.

The star admitted that she had already begun to equip the children’s room and bought a lot of things for the child.

Cameron noted that she plans to continue her career in the future, but at the moment there are no plans to star in any project.

How do you feel about late motherhood?

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