She is 62 but looks like a 30-year-old. Michelle Pfeiffer captivates with a young blooming look

Michelle Pfeiffer was called an actress with gothic and unusual beauty. One glance of this beauty won the hearts of the audience. But besides, Pfeiffer was extraordinarily talented, in all the works she is different, unrecognizable.

The actress made her film debut in Scarface. After that, fame and recognition came to her. However, for the majority, the image of the Catwoman became a memorable role for the actress.

The actress was not afraid to play villains or characters with a controversial appearance. And that was the key to her success.

Due to work, the actress could not always devote enough time to her family. She broke up with her first husband precisely because of this: between family and career, the actress chose the latter. She had many boyfriends: John Malkovich, Michael Keaton, and Fisher Stevens.

However, she found happiness in her marriage to screenwriter David Edward. He understood his wife and supported her. The couple adopted a girl, Claudia-Rose, and then the couple had a son, John.

Now Michelle Pfeiffer is 62 years old, however, the actress continues to actively act in films. She looks amazing. The actress still weighs only 57 kilograms, and she has retained a girlish figure that can only be envied.

Michelle is against plastic surgery and beauty injections, but she doesn’t need them. After all, she can boast of a fresh and blooming look even when she is over 60. It seems that the beauty of the actress does not fade over the years.

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