She is 70 years old and lives like a 20-year-old internet star. What is the secret of a pensioner

At 70, life is just beginning.

She wears stilettos, and colored wigs and is not shy of age. A Russian woman in her 70s shows others that there is life after retirement. We are talking about Olga Kipriyanovna, who stopped taking the number in her passport seriously.

Worked as a doctor for over 30 years

Olga was not always so bright. At first, the pensioner lived in Severodvinsk and worked as a dentist. But in an instant, the woman decided to exchange her 36-year experience for moving to St. Petersburg and living for her own pleasure.

The first thing after the move, the woman went to Finland by bike. Then she was 60 years old. Then the pensioner decided to conquer the catwalk and went to the model school. As she herself notes, this was an important event in her life.

Olga was made a star by her son. He saw the potential in his mother, started her profile on Instagram, and hired a team to promote her. Since then, the woman’s life has changed irrevocably.

Cheers the Internet and laughs at old age

Olga uploads funny videos to the blog, scripts for which she comes up with her son. Olga has several images. The first is a classic grandmother in a headscarf: she accepts old age with humility and finds her charms in it.

The second image is her antipode: a daring woman who wears leopard print clothes, and unusually shaped glasses, and leads a bohemian life.

Olga is not shy about using obscene language in her videos, grimacing and dancing funny – the audience likes it.

“You are simply a masterpiece of life! Delight!”


“It turned 58 years old … I woke up – everything hurts, the viruses got sick. Watched your video! Delight! I’m going to clean up, do my exercises, and go ahead and with a song! Subscribed! Now you are my motivator! Health to you!”

Encourages everyone to be active

Olga maintains the image of a daring pensioner: she is not afraid to experiment with outfits and shares the secrets of cheerfulness and love of life:

“Many people ask me the question: “Where do you get energy from?” Here’s the answer … Every morning I start with physical education! And trust me, it works! Try it! And the result will definitely be!

The woman calls on all peers not to stand still, to develop themselves, and to look for like-minded people. And if there are no such people in the circle of relatives, then you can contact a special center that organizes the leisure of the elderly. According to the woman, it is worth throwing out the phrase: “What will others think?”, And life will immediately change.

Olga fights stereotypes in the blog. Not so long ago, she fulfilled her dream – she jumped with a parachute, and later also flew in a helicopter.

“So I ask the question: “Why did I need to fly a helicopter, make a parachute jump …” What motivated me? You would sit, girl 65+, on the priest exactly, but no, I want to comprehend the unknown.

Olga is an inspiration for 160 thousand subscribers. She shows that you can enjoy life at any age, and sciatica is not a hindrance to this.

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