She is the world’s most experienced surgeon, performing four operations per day at the age of 91

I want to say “Bravo!” to the love of my life for calling this woman. 

Alla Ilyinishna Levushkina is one of the world’s most experienced surgeons. Despite her age of 91, Alla Ilyinishina continues to work at the Ryazan hospital! Every day, a woman performs four operations. According to her colleagues, Alla Ilyinishnaya is competent and still holds a scalpel well. 

Alla has performed over 10,000 operations in her 67-year career as a surgeon!  Alla Ilyinishna has this to say about her work:

“Being a doctor is more than a job; it’s a way of life.” Alla Ilyinishna adores both humans and animals. Her home is home to eight cats, and in the winter, the woman hangs a titmouse feeder.

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