“She raises 38 children herself”: how a single mother from Uganda lives today

Many mothers of many children complain about the various difficulties associated with raising children because they simply do not have time for anything else. However, our today’s heroine does not have such a feeling at all, and perhaps she simply has no time to think about it.

The thing is that M. Nabatanzi is the mother of 38 children, who all still live next to her. In an interview, a native of Uganda said that her parents married her when she was only thirteen years old. At the same time, her husband was older than her by as much as 26 years.

He always dreamed of a big family and very soon they had twins. A year later, the couple had a 3rd, and then Mariam.

So, when the couple had 23 children, our heroine decided to turn to the doctors. As it turned out, she had increased ovarian function, but at the same time, the man was pleased with this situation. Today Nabatanzi has 38 children.

The woman herself does not regret anything, despite the fact that today she has to raise all these children on her own. At first, her husband began to leave home for months, then years, and later completely left the family.

The main expense of the family is food. According to a mother of many children, every day her children eat ten kilograms of corn grits, about eight kilograms of beans, and four kilograms of sugar. Mariam is not going to despair, especially since she is ready to do everything, only her children lived in decent conditions.

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