“She showed me her biggest secret!” The 6-month-old dog survived under the bridge and saved the puppies (videos)

Little mother’s story.

Near a bridge in Redlands, California, someone abandoned a 6-month-old puppy, a girl. The poor fellow hid in a dry river bed and tried her best to survive …

In the evenings, the little girl came to the bridge where cars were driving and waited for alms there – people sometimes stopped and threw food at her. But you won’t be full-on such grubs, and soon the puppy became like a skeleton, skin, and bones.

Nevertheless, no matter how hungry the dog was, she never let anyone close to her – as if she had learned by heart that it is impossible to trust people to the end …

Time passed. And a few days ago, the fate of this girl miraculously changed! One woman, having met her, posted a post on the social network, and it caught the eye of a member of the Dream Fetchers Project Rescue animal protection group, Face Easdale. The volunteer immediately went to the indicated place – just in time to meet two other guys there, who had caught the animal with a trap.

The dog was put into the car – and then Face noticed that it looked like the puppies had recently been born to the found woman! The volunteer stroked the red ears and decided to call the ward a cute nickname Mommy.

However, it was also necessary to find the kids so that they would not be left alone – so all three rescuers began to comb the area. Unfortunately, the search that day did not lead to anything …

Mommy was taken to a safe place, and the next morning they returned to the bridge again. Face and her friend fastened the dog to a long leash – in the hope that the animal would immediately run to look for its children, but no such luck. She didn’t want to reveal her secret!

After discussing the situation, people realized that they needed to be creative – they sat on the ground and began to play videos with the sounds of crying puppies on their phones. The dog looked at the rescuers, thought, and led them … to the stream.

There Mommy drank for a long time, and then shook herself off and sat down. Then Face asked her: “Let’s go, let’s go, girl!” – and this time the dog led them in the right direction.

They walked through some barely visible paths in the thickets, jumping over pits and skinning their hands-on thorns of thorny bushes. Approximately 800 meters from the bridge, they finally saw what they were looking for: four wonderful fur balls, who were no more than a week or two old, rushed to their mother! She lay down on the ground and immediately began to feed them.

“They were so quiet it was unbelievable. Mother, apparently, taught them to hide and be silent, she managed to protect them from this cruel world. This little girl turned out to be very smart, despite her young age – after all, she was barely a year old!” Feis says.

“When I went there, I was very afraid to find dead puppies. But no – they were all alive, and I just cried with happiness … ” she continues.

And indeed, only a very good mother will be able to save her crumbs in such a situation, and after all, Mommy was thrown under the bridge as a very green puppy! Probably, Nature herself told her the right way …

The furry family spent a few days at Faith’s house before being transferred to Lovebugs Rescue. There they will be put on strong paws and will surely find a favorite and cozy home for everyone!

Thank you, Mommy, for the fact that you, unlike many people, did not leave your children even when you were homeless and hungry!

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