She was arrested for throwing little puppies in the trash. Here are the details

The cruelty of people towards animals just kills! But, fortunately, in some countries, they found control over such people!

54-year-old American Deborah Sue Calwell was detained on Monday by the Riverside County police, writes Daily Mail.

A woman was arrested because she threw 7 newborn puppies into a landfill. She will be tried for cruelty to animals.

Cameras caught a woman getting out of a white jeep, looking at a dumpster, and then tossing a bag of puppies into it.

Now the puppies are fine. They were noticed by a passer-by who brought the bag to the nearest store.

There are 30 dogs in the woman’s house. Now the police are taking them away and giving them a medical check to see if everything is okay with them.

If a passer-by had not noticed the puppies, they would simply have died due to the heat.

“The woman obviously did not think with her head when she did it. There is no excuse for her because there are many shelters and people who would gladly take the puppies! ”, – say the police.

The puppies are currently being cared for at the Orange County Rescue Shelter.

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