Shelter Puppy comforts her sister with a hug after being rescued

They will receive hugs not just from one other, but also from their loving family.

This weekend, a caller asked for help for a pack of dogs and was sent to the non-profit organization Animal Charity of Ohio. A mother and her two puppies were found to be living in squalor when Jane MacMurchy, the nonprofit’s operations director, and a humane agent arrived at the scene.

The tiny family had grown utterly dependent upon one another as the owners were obviously not caring for the pets.

MacMurchy told The Dodo that “they were in terrible positions.” The puppies were completely unsocialized, and there were about 6 to 8 inches of trash in a temporary cage.

Peaches and Layla, two pups who are five months old, as well as their mother Lady, a seven-year-old dog, were surrendered by their owners to the rescuers, who rushed the animals to the shelter.

Although a vet checkup showed the dogs to be in fair health, the puppies lacked self-assurance and had no idea what to do when their mother was not around to guide them. MacMurchy’s heart broke as he saw Peaches and Layla comforting one other at the shelter.

According to MacMurchy, “Mum was the first to finish the immunizations and the wellness check.” As their mother was gone, the puppies clung to each other as we carried her into our intake area.

The young family is living in the shelter while they are taught what it takes to be safe.

“We give them time several times a day to just relax and receive some TLC in a quiet room with a staff person so they can learn how to trust,” said MacMurchy. “We work with all three of them together as well as separately. They do far better when their mother is around.”

They are developing independence and confidence with time, however, it takes time. A few days after being rescued, Lady is already confident and eager to socialize and go on walks.

For her two puppies, though, the socialization process will take a bit longer. Lady is a “tail-wagging, wiggle-butt little sweetheart who is just pleased to have love,” continued MacMurchy. The puppies aren’t quite ready yet, she said.

They readily accept love and affection, are exuberant and happy when they are together, and depend on one another for confidence.

MacMurchy observed, “They’re entirely dependent on one other.” Peaches and Layla will ideally belong to the same family when they are old enough to be adopted. Not just each other, but also their devoted family, will give them embraces.

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