Shelter staff shares heartbreaking photos to show what happens to unwanted dogs

We are afraid, please “help us”.

Working at an animal shelter, Michele Boggs is in charge of the daily-arriving canines. She had to say goodbye to a lot of them, too, due to overpopulation. She published an image that was dramatic and a statement that was written from the perspective of the dogs that were in the bags in front of her.

It serves as a stark reminder of what negligent dog owners who neglect to spay or neuter their dogs, neglect to properly care for and train them, or cruelly use them for companionship or profit only to abandon them when they are no longer desired are causing in shelters across North America.

The lightly used leash you left behind will be taken by another puppy. Before passing me across the Rainbow Bridge, the lady took off my collar since it was dirty and too small.

“Would I still be here if I hadn’t bitten your shoe?” It was on the floor and made of leather, but I had no clue what it was. I was just enjoying myself. You did not get the dog toys.

If I were housebroken, would I still be residing at home? I didn’t feel guilty about what I did; I just felt horrible about having to go at all.

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