“Sibling Care”: 5-year-old eldest sister gets newborn baby to sleep

Newborn children bring many changes to the family. Parents spent months preparing to meet the newcomer and as soon as they are born, everyone’s attention in the family is on them. Such changes are really challenging for elder siblings. And sometimes they feel envious of the newborn and act out in response.

Parents need to prepare their children for the new member of the family. The should discuss the pregnancy and the results with the siblings in a way that they are happy to welcome their younger sibling. At the same time, parents should take into consideration both their level of maturity and comfort.

The parents of his sweet 5-year-old girl were aware of these parenting tips. As a result, the girl is happy to have a younger sibling and to take care of her. Their bond developed from the very first day of the newborn’s birth.

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