Since that day 18 years ago, Jessica, who was raised by humans, has continued to visit her family every day

Are you familiar with Jessica? 

If not, now would be a good time to learn more about the female hippopotamus, which is currently regarded as one of the most famous in the entire world. 150 documentaries have already been produced about him. 

Even though it’s been 18 years since that day, it still warms people’s hearts. 

Tony Joubert once noticed a young hippopotamus on the river’s edge, but its mother was nowhere to be found. 

He assumed that she perished in a significant flood, leaving the infant all alone. He made the choice to take the animal because he knew he couldn’t get by on his own. 

The adorable hippo’s name was Jessica. When the animal reached adulthood and was ready to live on his own, they made the decision to give him freedom. So, after finding her, he brought her to the river. 

However, Jessica ended up growing so close to those who cared for her that even after being allowed to live independently, she still makes a point of returning to her old home. 

She also enjoys watching TV and drinking tea, which is a very interesting fact. 

Tony, therefore, makes several liters of tea each day in an effort to make his beloved animal happy. 

The hippo is not at all afraid of people and he loves them very much. 

She is overjoyed that those good people—whom she now views as her family—were able to save her.

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