Some unusual marriages prove that love doesn’t know boundaries

Love is evil and blind at the same time. Such a positive emotion is unbound by rules or conventions. We calmly observe unions where there is a significant age gap between the partners. However, if one of the spouses has a particular appearance, the couple becomes the topic of conversation right away. Here are a few unusual cases that will astound you greatly. 

Kyle Jones, 31, and Marjorie McCool, 91.

They’re frequently confused for a grandmother and her grandson. They first got together in 2009. Kyle acknowledges that he has always found grown women attractive.

Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen.

Verne Troyer, an actor, wed Genevieve Gallen, a Playboy model, in 2004. The model is 188 cm tall, while the actor is 82 cm. Troyer actually understood that the model had married him for financial gain the day after they made the decision to leave. 

Indian resident Mangli Munda married a stray dog.

The village council decided that by doing this, they could escape the curse that looms over the entire community. She wed a man a few months after that.

28-year-old Chinese man married a doll.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis from doctors, the man made the decision to do this. He made the choice to enjoy every moment of the wedding, but he did not want to hurt the live girl. After all, he was only left with a few months. 

The world’s hairiest man and his wife.

Yu Zhenghuan, a 32-year-old Chinese man, has thick black hair covering 96% of his body surface. However, it did not prevent him from getting married. His laser hair removal treatment has already begun, and it is already removing some of his hair. 

Grace Gedler married herself after six years of loneliness.

The 50-person wedding was organized by a British woman. She gave an explanation for her behavior by stating that she hadn’t seen anyone in six years and had made the decision that she didn’t need men at all.

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