Someone captured a pair asleep in a Tesla Model X traveling at 90 km/h (video)

We have been living in the twenty-first century for many years, and while flying automobiles are yet to materialize, autonomous electric vehicles have already become a reality.

The Tesla Model X is one of the most well-known versions, featuring an Autopilot system that includes a frontal radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors for detecting objects at a distance of up to 488 cm from all directions and at any speed, a high-precision front camera, and a digital emergency braking system.

All the technology enables the vehicle to travel inside its lane, change lanes, alter speed based on traffic signs, and avoid crashes.

In an ideal world, you would just get in your car, enter your destination, and it would transport you there without any effort on your behalf.

However, a controversy recently erupted: someone caught a couple sleeping beautifully in a car that was traveling at 90 km/h along a highway in Massachusetts.

Interestingly, if you fall asleep behind the wheel, you will be fined, but it is unclear what to do in this scenario because the automobile does not need to be driven. There are currently no laws in this regard.

Because the autopilot is not yet 100 percent reliable and has not been tested in all potential scenarios, depending on it blindly is extremely dangerous. The manufacturer recommends paying close attention to the road, therefore these two clearly acted foolishly.

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