Son of Joe Dassin 39: what does the heir to the famous singer look like?

He was the idol of millions, his voice was mesmerizing, and many women wanted to be next to this man. Joe Dassin was a real embodiment of the ideal, but what does his son look like now?

Jules was born in March 1980. He, along with his older brother, spent all his childhood in Fesherols. Unfortunately, his father – Joe Dassin – died when his youngest son was only six months old, and the eldest was not even two years old. Subsequently, the boys followed the example of their father and also became musicians.

In the 95th, the brothers had to go through a difficult time: their mother died, as she struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction for a long time. In the last years of her life, she wrote memoirs, which, after her death, became interested in her youngest son Julien.

Later, the young man continued the work of his father. He began to take part in creative evenings dedicated to Joe Dassin, helped collect a collection of the best works of his father, and a few years later released an album with unreleased songs by Joe.

Apart from this, Jules has also been involved in various television programs as well as documentaries. Once he even tried himself as an actor in the film “La Parenthese”.

Subsequently, our hero seriously took up music. He covered his father’s songs, toured countries, and in 2018 visited Russia for a concert.

Dassin Jr. also carefully keeps the memory of his father. In his apartment, he tried to recreate Joe’s office by hanging his photographs and gold discs on the walls. It is worth noting that he, like his brother, tries not to talk about the personal life of his parents in the press, avoiding new gossip.

To date, Julien is already 39. According to official figures, he is still not married, although he does not mind getting a life partner.

By the way, the artist admitted that a girl from Russia and Ukraine could become his wife since his ancestors were from Odesa.

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