Special kitty couldn’t use her hind legs (video)

Passers-by noticed two homeless kittens without a mother and immediately saw that one cat was special. The baby had very weak hind legs, and she could hardly move them.

Residents of Montreal, Canada, found two small stray kittens who were left without a mother. People immediately contacted the Chatons Orphelins shelter to take the kids off the street. The shelter staff traveled several hours to rescue the babies.

The crumbs were completely covered with fleas and needed care. Volunteers immediately noticed that one of the kittens had weak hind legs. It was a girl, and she moved only with the help of her front paws.

Doctors determined that the cat had a congenital deformity, which caused this ailment. The cat was named Swimmy, and they began to actively restore her paws. The guardian gave her a special massage and physiotherapy.

Swimmy was a very brave and strong girl. Within a few weeks, her mobility improved and she became much healthier and stronger. Her sister actively supports her in everything – they often play and frolic together.

Now Swimmy is very active, and nothing stops her! She loves to climb, run around the house, play, and just enjoy life – despite the fact that her hind legs are still a little weak.

When the kittens are old enough, they will find owners for them. In the meantime, the brave Swimmy motivates everyone around with her inexhaustible energy and will to live.

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