Spicy pictures of the charming Kate Middleton

The wife of Prince William can be called an icon of the style of the royal family. Over the long years of being in the palace, Kate has learned the rule of how she is allowed to dress.

However, most likely she would not have had so many fans if she followed all the rules. Today we will tell you about those cases when the princess is balancing on the brink of what is permitted.

Slim legs

Already at the first meeting with Elizabeth II, our duchess blundered. In the kingdom, it is strictly forbidden for a woman’s knees to be visible from under the skirt. Well, Kate’s outfit literally betrayed her when she had to sit down.

Sexy dress

This dress is considered one of the Duchess’ most piquant outings. Middleton appeared on the red carpet in a dress with an incredibly deep neckline.

Dress with a slit

Many celebrities love floor-length dresses with a very high slit on the side, which allows them to take incredibly effective shots at the right moment. In this case, everything seems tasteful, but all the guests of the event managed to appreciate the slender legs of the beauty.

Unusual experiment

During her visit to the States in 2014, Kate decided to seize the moment and appear at a major event in a luxurious dress. That evening, she eclipsed many other famous girls.

On the same evening, the Duchess demonstrated another outfit, which also did not comply with the rules of what is permitted in the royal family. The situation was saved by the style of the outfit because we can say that Middleton’s knees went unnoticed, although the length of the outfit clearly should have been longer.

And some more legs

It was for this outfit that the wife of Prince William got the most. When she stood or walked, the outfit seemed normal, but as soon as Kate leaned over to the child, the paparazzi immediately appreciated the piquancy of this dress.

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