Spotting the cat in a tree about 25 feet high, the woman did everything she could to help him

Holly saw something quite weird as she and her dog were out on a stroll.

She was shocked to find a cat in the extremely tall tree in front of her, which was around 25 feet high.

Holly tried to summon the cat, but there aren’t any branches, so nothing happened.

The cat wouldn’t allow her to come close and was out of her grasp so she made the decision to climb the tall ladder to her.

Holly then went over to the cat again to refeed him after grabbing a tin of tuna.

Sadly, despite her best attempts, she was still unable to bring him down from the tree.

Holly came back the following day, and the cat was still there. After learning about it, the neighbor lent her his extension ladder.

This time, it seemed that the cat knew Holly well enough to not flee when he met her again.

He eventually allowed Holly to pat him because he was already fully worn out. The cat was eventually brought down from there by her.

The woman fed the cat and then got in touch with a volunteer with The MeowMission to locate the cat in a safe home to live in.

The volunteer started to suspect that the nice cat could have been someone’s pet because it was so lovely and affectionate, and she informed Holly about it as well.

Holly kept returning home that day with thoughts of it. Immediately, the cat had to be checked for a potential microchip.

They realized that the cat had been absent for two weeks the following day.

For weeks, Madge, who was his owner, had been searching for him, leaving fliers on every door in the area in the hopes that someone might have seen him.

Madge hurried to the clinic as soon as she learned about her pet in order to meet her cat again.

She approached the cat in tears and gave him a really close embrace because she was very thrilled.

Holly was appreciated for everything else as well. It was quite moving.

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