Starved hunting dog no longer hoped for salvation

On a typical workday, a paver named Ron spotted a dog near his lot. Her emaciation was very intimidating. She was so exhausted that she could hardly move. The man was very touched by her unhappy look, so without hesitation, he called the animal rescue service. The shelter staff took the dog with them, the poor dog did not even have the strength to resist. The dog was named Gracie.

One can only guess why Gracie was in such a state. But the shelter staff have their own assumptions about this. Most likely, Gracie, due to her too affectionate nature, refused to perform some hunting commands. And have not received benefits from it, it was simply thrown to the mercy of fate.

When the dog was first weighed, the arrow of the scales showed only 8 kg, which is very, very small for the age of such a dog. Her body was severely emaciated. Also, everything was aggravated by the presence of worms in her body.

One of the volunteers decided to adopt a dog at home. And it immediately became clear that Gracie was in a deep depression. The first week, she refused food and water. She sat in a corner, only occasionally getting up to walk around a little. But after a while, Gracie began to understand that this man wished her well, and every day she honored herself more calmly and confidently.

The dog was transforming before our eyes, she began to go for walks, play with toys and enjoy life. Now Gracie is an absolutely healthy and happy dog who daily pleases her owner with devotion and love.

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