Stray Dog Walks To Pharmacy And Asks For Help Her Injured Paw (video)

It is surprising that sometimes you just can’t imagine but you become a rescuer for someone.

A Turkish pharmacist named Banu Cengiz recently experienced this after being startled to discover a stray dog ambling around in front of her store. The dog appeared to be trying to say something as he stood at the doorway and glanced weakly at Banu Cengiz.

When Banu Cengiz arrived at the dog because she sensed something was wrong, she saw that its paw was bleeding. The dog began to wag her tail and placed her damaged paw on Banu’s palm as a sign of request for assistance.

She invited the dog inside and applied antibiotics to the wound right away. Along with food, water, and antibiotics, she also gave the dog. Fortunately, the dog appeared to comprehend Cengiz’s good intentions and behaves like a model patient by remaining still and attentive throughout treatment.

The exhausted puppy received the necessary care and then rested on a dog bed until closing time. Even though she tried to find them a home and provided them with food, she was unable to return home.

Even though Cengiz has assisted several stray animals, she still wishes she could do more. People ought to instill in their kids a love and respect for the environment and animals.

The world becomes lovely when everyone learns to think of themselves as members of families.

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