Stray Dog who chases after a woman on the beach turns out to be a treasure in disguise (video)

The friendly stray dog with a gentle spirit

A dog rescuer named Valia Orfanidou was on holiday with her pups in her hometown, which is located roughly 100 miles from Athens. She took her dogs for walks by the water every day. One afternoon, a stray dog came up to them and started to wag her tail. She had seen the four of us from a distance and joined us in an effort to blend in because she was in need of company, according to Valia.

The seasoned rescuer (The Orphan Pet) said, “I panicked,” in a YouTube video. “When you’re an animal lover living in Greece, you just get used to seeing lonely stray dogs wandering around everywhere and decide to save the ones that can’t survive on the streets: the sick, emaciated, or injured ones, the newborns, and the pregnant females,” the author writes.

Valia asserts that there are possibly millions of stray dogs in Greece and that there will likely be millions more in the upcoming years given that the country’s attitude is unlikely to alter anytime soon. Valia donates her time to numerous shelters and rescue groups in Greece. Being on vacation in the country is challenging because you must either turn a blind eye or return home with a pack of rescued pets.

However, even though Blue (as Valia called her) was healthy and about 7 months old, she was not in a life-threatening position and so wasn’t a rescue candidate. But Valia saw something about the amiable dog. She could tell the dog yearned for human company and a family to call home.

“She spent a summer chasing people and running behind cars of anyone she met on that beach, wagging her tail and begging for something,” Valia said.

For two days, Valia was unable to sleep as she tried to figure out how to get Blue off the beach. She then made the crucial choice to save Blue, which proved to be a fantastic one. In Holland, a charming stray dog with a kind disposition is en route to becoming a therapy dog!

When she thinks back to how she first saw Blue on the beach, Valia muses, “Maybe she was not asking for help, maybe she was offering it to people who had no idea what a treasure they kept avoiding every day.”

View Blue’s heartwarming tale in the video below, then send it to your friends.

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