“Such a madness!” – Britney Spears starred in an immodest bridal outfit on her birthday! (video)

A controversial video was published by Britney Spears. The American singer, age 41, showed up wearing hot attire.

The Grammy winner enjoys stirring up controversy. Britney shared a video on her birthday in which she changed into two different costumes.

The singer debuted in a silk shirt with lace and a plunging neckline. Spears’s head was covered by a veil. The pop star then put on a silk dress with mesh inserts over the breast and narrow spaghetti straps. Elegant lace was used to conceal the singer’s bust.

The singer of the Toxic hit danced while flaunting her gorgeous attire in front of the camera. “I did marry myself, yes! I simply became bored, like wearing my veil, and wondered whether it was insane or included some strange elements. Yes, but my husband and I are still married,” the singer stated in the video.

Additionally, the mother of two released a dancing clip. Britney donned a pink tie bottom with a plunging white crop top. High-heeled boots complemented the outfit. As she sang and danced to her favorite song, Britney. “Even with my unkempt hair, I feel like myself! Even though it’s repulsive, I enjoy it. What I feel is what matters most! Additionally, I feel my white top,” Britney said.


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The star’s videos received quick comments from fans. Some viewers find the stars act bizarre and insane, asking how they can marry themselves.

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