“Such legs at 46?”: Charlize Theron charmed fans with a bold image and her appearance

Hollywood star Sh. Theron has long found her own style, which she always tries to stick to. The actress really likes simplicity and monochrome in everything.

Charlize has never liked to overload her looks with a lot of accessories, but still, any of her outfits is thought out to the smallest detail.

Recently, the actress attended a polo tournament, which later turns into a social event. It is visited by many stars who strive to look better than the rest on this evening.

So, this time Theron decided to appear at the event in a more classic outfit, which consisted of a short skirt and a white shirt. The Hollywood star has ditched heels in favor of stylish flats. And completed the image of sunglasses and a small clutch in the hands of a celebrity.

Fans were delighted with the appearance of the 46-year-old celebrity. They showered her with compliments, noting that Charlize does not change over the years.

How would you rate the appearance of the star? Share your opinion in the comments!

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