“Surprising Intelligence”: Three-Year-Old Stuns All as a Child Prodigy With the Highest IQ

More than three years ago, in Portland, Oregon, Sarah Lundberg became a mom to premature twins, a girl named Gwendolyn and a boy named Lawson. Gwendolyn was doing well, but Lawson had to stay in the premature baby unit for a few weeks.

As time passed, Gwendolyn grew as expected, but Lawson was slower in his development during the first two years. However, things took a surprising turn. Sarah noticed that Lawson, who hadn’t spoken much before, started progressing rapidly and soon caught up with his sister.

“He started jumping, learning words we didn’t teach him, and grasping concepts we didn’t cover,” Sarah said.

Lawson’s vocabulary kept expanding, and his interest in learning was impressive. His parents thought about trying to get him into Mensa, a club for people with high IQs. The initial test showed Lawson’s IQ was 151, well above the required 130 for Mensa. To put it in perspective, Albert Einstein’s adult IQ was between 160 and 180.

Lawson’s IQ might even be higher, as the test designed for kids his age was too easy for him, Sarah explained. Isn’t that amazing?

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