Sweet little rescue goat grows up believing he is a house cat (video)

Lily was brought up to think of herself as a cat. She is an animal. It all started when Lily was abandoned by her mother at birth and Alexa of Friendly Fields Farms took her in.

At the age of five days, Lily weighed barely 2 pounds and was roughly the size of a Kleenex box. She was so cute that Alexa fell in love with her right away.

After two weeks, Lily’s health started to get better, and she was given free rein to explore the entire home like a cat.

Because Lily was so intrigued by all the creatures she saw, she made an effort to become friends with the bunnies. They were not interested in her, so she proceeded closer to the cats.

Senior cat Bean adopted Lily as his own. Following that, Lily started acting like a cat and loved to cuddle with Bean on the couch. She followed Bean about and carried out his requests.

Alexa had to take Lily outside as she developed. Because Lily missed the house, Alexa took out some of her favorite items to console her and help her feel at home.

Lily still enjoyed the company of other cats outside and snuggled up with them on her lawn chair, even if she didn’t get to see Bean as frequently as she had in the past.

Alexa is grateful to have Lily in her life because of the joy she offers.

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