Sylvester Stallone’s 97-year-old mother regrets having plastic surgery

Jacqueline still goes to the gym, and the spa, and keeps an eye on her food at her age. Only now, she had to have many anti-aging plastic procedures to keep her youthful look. Why, therefore, does she now regret it? 

She was wonderfully gorgeous when she was young, but now plastic surgery has altered her appearance. She underwent a failed nose job. Then a failed neck rejuvenation procedure, a change in the contour of the eyes, lip augmentation, and facial stretching followed. Furthermore, the outcome did not meet the famous parent’s expectations. 

Jacqueline confessed that she dreaded looking in the mirror. In her youth, she had a large male support system and a large following. She probably couldn’t accept the age-related changes and sought help from plastic surgeons because of this. 

People said, “She just always wanted to be a young again,” “Live to her age, and then make a decision,” “Mutilated herself,” “Poor woman,” “Turned into a monkey,” and “Live to her age.” 

Do you support cosmetic surgery?

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