Teenage Heroine, 18, Rescues Woman in Wheelchair from Oncoming Train

A girl in Tennessee is being called a hero for saving someone’s life. Lily Baker, who is 18 years old, helped a woman in a wheelchair who was about to get hit by a train. She saw the woman while driving and quickly got out of her car to assist. As they were crossing the tracks, they noticed a train coming towards them with its lights flashing and horn blaring.

Lily knew they had to move fast. The woman in the wheelchair couldn’t walk, so Lily lifted her up and tried to get her across. Unfortunately, they fell onto the tracks, but Lily managed to get up and pull the woman out of harm’s way just in time.

The police chief said it was a very close call, and the woman did get hurt, but she’s expected to recover. Lily herself was shaken up by how close they came to danger. She was told they were just 18 inches away from being hit by the train.

Despite the scary experience, Lily doesn’t regret trying to help. She said if she had died, at least it would have been while trying to save someone else. The police chief praised her bravery, saying it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are, anyone can be a hero like Lily.

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