The 10-day-old dog who was saved from the trash is taking a warm bath in the sink to warm up a bit (video)

In a Texas dumpster, three little puppies were discovered in a bag. They had been born ten days prior. The young puppies needed a warm bath to warm them up and help them regulate their body temperatures. One of the puppies is shown being given a warm wash in the sink by the rescue squad. This scene is overflowing with sweetness. 

The puppies had already been removed out of the sack and placed in a secure location by the time “DFW Rescue Me” volunteers arrived at the location where they were seen. 

The puppies were in critical condition when rescuers arrived. They were dehydrated, hungry, and had a low body temperature.

Such little puppies hardly ever make it through life without their mother’s warmth and care. However, committed lifeguards gave it their all to save the infants. 

“To control the puppies’ body temperatures, we bottle-fed them and gave them a warm bath”. The rescue team advised continuing to feed them every two hours and wishing for the best. 

In this video, a volunteer is holding a little dog that is lying on its back. You might see the baby taking a warm bath for hours!


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