The 8-month absence between a dog’s last encounter with his mistress and their reunion! (video)

Murphy, Jeanne Berger’s cherished dog, had to be separated from her. She never forgot about her puppy even during the eight arduous months of army training. 

“Murphy was definitely missed. Berger told The Dodo, “This is the first time we’ve been apart for so long. 

Murphy also longed for his mistress. He anxiously waited for Jeanna at the doorway to her room for a while.
Surprised, Berger’s mother observed the canine. The woman had no idea how sensitive animals might be. 


The time for their reunion has finally arrived! Berger captured this moment on video and released it. Murphy’s eyes were so unbelievable. The dog went from one room to the next while barking and wagging his tail quickly. Jeanne was being sniffed by Murphy to make sure she was his favorite mistress. 

“It’s been really hard living without Murphy. We won’t be apart once more now that my army training is through, Berger declared. 

Murphy will relocate with the daughter when she moves to a different city to attend university.

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