The 83-year-old grandpa started crying when he saw that his cat managed to escape from the burning house (video)

An 83-year-old man’s whole home was reduced to rubble…

The death of his beloved pet, who was left under the debris but thankfully his cat managed to crawl out, would be the most devastating and agonizing part of all of this for him.

The others had already departed for work when he was left alone at home with his cat on that particular day.

As he stood up to pour gasoline into the stove because he thought he would become chilly, the guy unintentionally caused irreparable damage.

The home practically caught fire when the flames quickly spread to the walls.

Miraculously, he was able to quickly run away from the house without even thinking about his property or documents.

He believed that it was already too late and that he had lost everything he owned, including his cat, who was his most prized possession.

Fortunately, his pet kitty somehow made it out from beneath the debris and out of the burning house.

The man clutched the cat to his breast and sobbed upon seeing it.

The man is really grateful that his cat survived, despite the fact that his house was sadly entirely destroyed and transformed into a pile of flames.

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