The 92-year-old retired veterinarian has devoted his life to creating wheelchairs for disabled dogs (video)

At the age of 92, Lincoln Parks, a former veterinarian, is still helping animals. He makes wheelchairs for disabled dogs. This Chesapeake Bay resident has already made many dogs happy. 

Parks works in a workshop near his home, where he spends most of his time making wheelchairs. 

Parks was approached by a man whose dog had been in a car accident and was unable to move his hind legs. Then Parks invented a dog wheelchair and made it for this dog. Thus began a veterinarian’s job. 

He became seriously interested in this business due to his love of animals. He opened a dog wheelchair shop in the 1960s. 

Many dogs can now move freely as a result of this invention. Seeing the joy on the faces of dogs is indescribable. Parks likened dogs in wheelchairs to toddlers learning to walk.

 Parks admits that this is his only passion, his life’s meaning. The competition has grown over the years, and he now only makes a hundred wheelchairs per year. 

An Order usually takes a few days to complete. Aluminum tubes and foils must be carefully joined, and each stroller is made to fit a specific dog size or build. 

The doctor’s age does not deter him because he has new plans and intentions to assist our four-legged friends. 

Building wheelchairs take a long time and require a lot of patience and attention. 

Parks spoke briefly about his passion and demonstrated some of his work’s nuances. 

Check out this fascinating video about our hero veterinarian.


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