The adorable mommy rottweiler gave birth to 15 puppies and her family can’t be happier

The owners couldn’t imagine that so many little puppies would be born.

It is fantastic that we live with such amazing creatures who make each day feel like a holiday and provide us with joy in every manner. They are the world’s most loving and devoted beings. Naturally, because we’re talking about dogs, Jessie, Eleanor Asher’s adorable Rottweiler, is today’s hero.

The mother dog was anticipating the arrival of the puppies. Eleanor was informed she would give birth to between six and eight puppies, but what really transpired truly astounded everyone. It appeared absurd.

The mother dog first gave birth to six little puppies on the morning of the birthday, and subsequently, the litter grew. She eventually gave birth to nine additional children.

Can you picture it? Their total increased to 15. Thought to be the highest number in history, it turns out to be the second-largest one, with 18 being the biggest ever. Everything lasted for almost seven hours.

Just imagine how overwhelmed with pups this new mother felt. She was incredibly thoughtful and on the ball.

Jessie’s owners had no idea that she would give birth to so many little puppies. They were just astounded as before. Jessie is a fantastic mother who handles everything on her own and doesn’t even tolerate assistance with feeding. Simply an amazing family.

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