The baby elephant was only a few days old when was abandoned by his herd but now has the most caring mommy

Moyo was trying to cross an underwater river when he was just a few days old.

Thankfully, the abductors found him just in time after his herd had clearly abandoned him. The hyena herd had encircled him, and it may have been too late at a moment.

After saving Moyo, they took him to the “Wild Is Life” shelter, where the founder, Roxy Dankerts, couldn’t help but fall in love with the infant and chose to adopt him.

He undoubtedly required parental love the most. He loves to accompany his mother everywhere she goes, even at 14 months and being rather large.

He recognizes even her voice and scent, and he always knows where she is.

Roxy claimed that she was one of those creatures with whom she had a very uncommon bond, a solid relationship, and trust. He is quite happy in his new home, where his mother treats him like a son.

He might be becoming older and more challenging to manage at home, but Roxy doesn’t seem to mind much because she always gets along with her favorite elephant.

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