The baby koala refused to leave its mother, who was undergoing surgery at the time

The phrase “animals are such sweet creatures” also applies to wild animals.

No matter how many people believe that animals are unable to have emotions like humans, this tale will demonstrate the contrary.

When a young koala, just six months old, stayed by his mother’s side during her surgery and nobody even tried to separate them, it was a wonderful and poignant moment.

The incident took place in Australia when the mother koala, Lizzie, was rushed to the hospital with face and lung injuries after being struck by a car.

Fortunately, the vehicle collision did not result in any injuries to young Phantom.

Upon observing them, the team came to the decision that it would be best to leave the little koala with his mother because of how young he is.

He often gave his mother’s neck a hug while they sat together.

He appeared to be showing his mother his love and support by embracing her nonstop.

And it appeared that his affection was sincere.

“Phantom was by Lizzie’s side at all times during the procedure and therapy.”

The mother-baby relationship is absolutely valuable and miraculous.

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