The baby squirrel is simply obsessed with his human daddy, who saved his life and it doesn’t even cross his mind to return to the wild

That’s correct; despite Allan Pursley’s love of animals, he had never given the idea of bringing a squirrel home. It turned out, though, that he ran into an abandoned squirrel who was in dire need of assistance.

Pursley, who works at a veterinary clinic as well, came over to aid the poor animal who had likely fallen from a tree. When the infant was prepared to return to the wild, he was treated and cared for at home.

It turns out that Persley began working from home during that period since the newborn animal required proper care. He was so small that he hadn’t even opened his eyes, and when he finally did, Parsley appeared in front of his tiny, innocent eyes.

And what followed can be referred to as love, or love at first sight. According to Persley, “I was with him practically all the time. Even our closet was transformed into a cozy area for him by me.”

“I’m sure he believes he is a “Bad Squirrel,” even if I called him Rocky because I constantly called him that when he approached the table or the drapes”.

In any event, when you really love someone, you give them all kinds of nicknames; in the instance of this squirrel, these nicknames included Squirrelito, Squigdy-Boo, and others in addition to Rocky.

Parsley could not even begin to fathom how he would split with him because they had grown so devoted to one another.

“When he was fully an adult, I understood that I had already made too many significant errors. How am I going to set him free? He was also tame enough to live in the wilderness.

Rocky briefly observed his cousin when another young squirrel showed up at their window one day before he began to scamper about the house. It appeared to be an invitation to visit the land of the squirrels once more.

Even yet, he finally stuck by his side since his father had saved him and would not let him go.

He gets along well with the two dogs and the cat that lives in the house as well, but Rocky, the Bad Squirrel, likes to play rough with them. He doesn’t allow anyone to dominate him, as Persley informs us.

Rocky has lived with a human for two years, and he still doesn’t want to go. Persley constructs a house for him outside during this period in the hopes that it would be more practical for him.

Rocky, on the other hand, is the kind of squirrel who makes his own choices, and for the time being, he has determined that here is where he belongs.

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