The baby was born with a white spot on her hair. Why did this happen?

Our today’s heroine was born with dark hair and only one tuft of white hair stood out on her head. As it turned out, this is all due to heredity, and light bangs are transmitted through the female line.

The great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother of our little heroine had the same feature. It turns out that a light beam appeared on the baby’s head due to the depigmentation of a small area of ​​​​hair.

By the way, the girl’s mother still doesn’t know her roots well, since their great-grandmother was an adopted child. She only said that not all women in their family have such strands.

However, such an unusual strand in newborn girls in their family delights the whole family. All women consider themselves unique, because thanks to such a light strand, they are somehow different from the rest.

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