The baby was removed from the mother, operated on, and then returned

The pregnant mother had a pioneering operation in which her unborn kid was removed from the womb for therapy and then returned.

After tests indicated that Bethan Simpson had spina bifida, an extraordinary procedure was conducted to treat him.

Bethan, 26, and her husband Kieron were given the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy prior to the treatment.

So far, the treatment has only been conducted in Belgium, but Bethan, who is scheduled to give birth in April, is one of the few moms who have been operated on using this approach in London by Belgian and British doctors.

The infant was rushed to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex, where he was diagnosed with spina bifida, a disorder in which the baby’s spinal cord does not grow entirely in the womb.

This might impair the child’s ability to walk.

“Our midwife arranged an appointment in London,” she explained. We arrived after only 48 hours. We were given the option of continuing the pregnancy, terminating the pregnancy, or opting for a new procedure called fetal surgery to correct it before delivery. It was something we should have done. This difficult decision has to be made. Toddler and I had amniotic fluid testing, MRIs, and regular scans. We have already planned the procedure after receiving consent. For the following two weeks, our lives were a roller coaster. I was treated by world-renowned surgeons from all around the world, as well as from London and Belgium.”

The treatment required taking the baby from Bethan’s womb and rebuilding the spinal cord.

The infant was then returned to the womb for the rest of the pregnancy. Fortunately, Bethan reported that the procedure went well.

“Unfortunately, in England, 80 percent of children with this condition die.” However, this condition is not a death sentence. Yes, there is a potential that anything will go wrong, but please proceed with caution. Every day, I get the sensation that our baby is kicking me. She is one-of-a-kind, she is a part of history, and our daughter has proven how much she deserves her life.”

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