“The Bikini is Completely Transparent!”: Kim Kardashian Embarrassed Her Fans on the Beach!

The 42-year-old diva arranged a heated beach photo shoot. Kim Kardashian showed off her body while donning a hardly perceptible bikini.

The ex-wife of musician Kanye West enjoys the hot weather in California. Kardashian likes to swim and sunbathe on the beach. The model cheerfully swapped in her everyday clothes for a white sports bikini from her line, SKIMS.

The celebrity took a stunning image after swimming. Kim sat down on the sand with her leg bent. The star found herself in an unpleasant situation when her bathing suit, which was made of flimsy fabric, turned nearly transparent after becoming wet.

The model, however, displayed the figure’s dignity without pausing. The diva turned her back on the camera while displaying her trim waist.

Kim has put a lot of effort into improving her physique this year. The rapper’s ex-wife was able to shed nearly 10 kg. Kardashian is overjoyed with her new appearance.

The model accompanied her nine-year-old daughter North and nine-year-old sister Chloe to the basketball game. The senior family member entered the room dressed in a camouflage-patterned top and bottom. Kardashian selects comfy footwear.

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