The boy disappeared at the STATION. After 25 years, his story shocked the WORLD …

Do you believe in miracles? If not, then today’s story is for you.

A four-year-old boy named Saru lived in a small Indian village. He was born into a poor family, and in order to somehow survive, his elder brother Gudu washed train cars, and his mother worked various jobs to feed his family. It was hard work.

One day, the mother was forced to go to work on the night shift, and the older brother had to put little Saru to bed and get ready for a night job, but in this story, just one moment turned everything upside down.

It was on this ill-fated day that the baby did not want to sleep, and was afraid to be alone, he cried and asked his older brother to go with him. Since Good had to rush to a part-time job, he really did not want to, but nevertheless agreed to put his younger brother on a bicycle frame and take him with him. He thought that in a couple of hours he would manage and return home so that his mother would not know about anything. Leaving Saru on the bench for just a few minutes, Gudu ran to the employer. Left alone, out of curiosity, one kid went into the wagon that was on the tracks, after which he dozed off from fatigue right on the floor. Five-year-old Saru woke up only when the train began to take him to no one knows where. It is even difficult to imagine what a small child felt at that time, who was watching the fields and villages from the window of a moving train.

For two days the train traveled non-stop and stopped in the city of Calcutta, on a completely different side of the vast country. The noisy city, which was so different from his native quiet village, brought the boy into disarray. Saru did not know where he was and what to do next, or how to look for his home. People, immersed in their thoughts, did not pay attention to him, you never know beggars on the streets. During the day, wandering aimlessly and sleeping wherever he could, Saru lived like this for several days in the big city.

I think it is not necessary to say what they do with homeless children.

One day, he nailed to a group of the same children on the street, but one-night unknown men arrived, and all of them were loaded into cars. Saru never saw any of them again, and he miraculously managed to escape.

Not knowing what to do, he just wandered the streets of a huge metropolis and, tired of hunger and impotence, the kid sat down along the road, in front of a restaurant. He saw through the window a young man who was having lunch. Imagining himself in his place, the kid moved his hands to his mouth, imagining a makeshift spoon in his hands. Thus, Saru attracted his attention to himself. The man began to ask him what he was doing alone on the street and where his family was, but not having received an intelligible answer, he took the child to an orphan assistance center.

It was not possible to find the parents, since the baby could not read or write at all, and he could not remember the name of his village. After unsuccessful attempts to find her parents, Saru was recognized as an orphan.

But fate gave the little Indian boy an incredible gift. His photos were seen by spouses from Australia who decided to take the baby to themselves. There, across the ocean, a big house, good food, and caring parents were waiting for him.

Life in Australia went on as usual for Saru – school, new friends, computer games. He grew up among prosperous children and could afford almost everything. He went to college and drove his own car, but all this time, in his heart there were memories of that small village, a loving mother, and an older brother and sister. A large map of India hung in his room, looking at it the boy wondered what had happened to his mother, whether they would ever meet again, whether she would be able to recognize her grown-up son.

Time passed, but the hope never left the guy that one day, he will be able to hug people close to him.

Already a college student, using the Google Earth application, he spent hours looking at a virtual map of India, trying to find at least something familiar from his childhood.

Imagine for a moment, for more than a year, ten hours a day, and sometimes for days on end, he studied every railway station in one of the largest countries in the world, of which, by the way, there are more than ten thousand in India. And after a while, fate rewarded him for all his efforts. Having accidentally stumbled upon satellite images, Saru could not believe his eyes – these were familiar places of his native village. A bridge, a raging river, and a factory where his mother worked. The village was called Ganeshtalai. And without hesitation, the guy, leaving everything, went to where he had been waiting for many years.

Arriving in India, for the first time in adulthood, having found his home in a small village, the young man began to doubt that if they no longer lived here, would they recognize him? While the guy was struggling with his fear, suddenly, an elderly woman approached him and hugged him warmly. He still did not understand anything, but this woman turned out to be his mother. As soon as she saw Sarah, she immediately realized who was standing in front of the house. The mother’s heart could not deceive, this meeting of the son with the mother took place after twenty-five long years.

But another shock awaited Saru – when he learned that on that ill-fated day, her mother had lost both sons at once. Gudu was hit by a train while running across the tracks while looking for his little brother all night long.“Everyone said that I wouldn’t succeed, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if you really want to find something, you will definitely find it.” the young man recalls.

Now Saru lives in Australia and is engaged in business. Every month he sends money to his family and now they don’t have to work so hard anymore. Several times a year, he and his new parents visit his own mother and sister.

Mom tried for many years to find out the fate of her lost son, but the search did not lead to anything. She had only one thing to do – to wait and mourn her little blood. So, after twenty-five long years, Saru finally found his family of origin and peace in his heart.

A film was made about this story that touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. After all, the life of an ordinary baby and all the difficulties that he faced are worthy of respect and attention.

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