The brave dog saved people under the rubble while risking himself

There was a strong earthquake in this city that killed 600 people. Thousands of homes and structures were destroyed, and many people were buried beneath the rubble. The central region suffered the most, and it was in this region that the main forces of rescuers from all over the country were thrown. Among them was the city’s fire department’s search and rescue division. Along with the professionals, the dogs arrived to perform their duties. 

Daiko, a Labrador, and three other dogs worked in this unit. The dogs’ job is to look for people under the rubble. They can detect a person by smell thanks to their sense of smell.

The Labrador was the best search dog in this department for more than three years. He was repeatedly bestowed with honors and diplomas. A group of French tourists who became lost in Imbabura have rescued thanks to Daiko. 

When the dog arrived at the rubble site this time, he, like the rescuers, worked for several days without sleep, food, or water. The heat outside made the search even more difficult. During these days, Daiko was able to save seven people. 

However, shortly after finishing the search, the dog collapsed. Everyone rushed to him and connected the droppers right away, but it was too late. Before reaching the veterinary clinic, the dog died of dehydration.

It turns out that the dog was not even given water during these days; she ran tirelessly in the heat, and no one remembered her. Everyone was so focused on saving people that the poet completely forgot about the animal. Rescue dogs are trained in such a way that they can search for people all day without sleep or food. And in this case, the heat was added, which aggravated the dog’s condition. 

Daiko was laid to rest near the fire station in his hometown.

All of the unit’s employees, dog handlers, and Daiko’s brothers were present at the farewell. 

With a heavy heart, the entire composition said goodbye to the dog, who had become a close friend and loyal comrade for everyone in just over three years. 

Daiko was the best rescue dog in Ibarra, and he also had a friendly demeanor and a kind appearance. It was impossible not to fall in love with him. He died on a military post while saving people!

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