The bride wanted to look beautiful at her wedding: 4 months and 30 kilograms later and she is unrecognizable

26-year-old Sophie Matheson from the UK has begun preparations for her wedding. The girl wanted this day to be perfect, and after it there were good memories and beautiful photos. There were problems with the last point since Sophie believed that with her magnificent forms it was difficult to find attractive angles. According to Notting Hampost, the bride decided to put her figure in order as soon as possible and immediately got down to business.

Sophie wanted to look beautiful in her wedding pictures and decided to lose weight.

British Sophie Matheson works as a primary school teacher. The girl was always unhappy with her overweight and wanted to lose weight, but she lacked willpower. Diets faded into the background as soon as colleagues brought cakes and pastries to the teacher’s room.

While preparing for the wedding celebration, Sophie realized that she wanted to see beautiful pictures in her photo album. She understood that her 127 kilograms could ruin everything. Only four months remained before the wedding, and the bride set herself the goal of losing weight at any cost. The girl went to the gym, where a professional trainer took her.

The wedding was a powerful motivation that Sophie lacked. The girl went to a fitness club, where the trainer compiled a special program for her for quick and effective weight loss. Classes included a mix of cardio and strength training. Also, the girl began to adhere to a certain diet.

She had to give up sandwiches, chips, and sweets, which she loves so much. Now her diet includes porridge, scrambled eggs, salads, rice, vegetables, and other healthy foods. Sophie used to have to take medication for irritable bowel syndrome, but now she has forgotten about the pills and feels great.

Sophie transformed in 4 months and looked stunning on her wedding day.

She says that after losing weight, her whole life changed for the better. The complexes about the figure went away and confidence appeared. The bride set a goal for herself and fulfilled it. For 4 months, she threw off 30 kilograms and was irresistible at her wedding. Sophie did not stop there, she continues to play sports and adhere to a healthy lifestyle that makes her truly happy.

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