The Canadian saw a little cub while cycling and went over to help…

If you’re the same way as this man and you can’t look on indifferently as strays, then you will understand him completely.

But sometimes they’re completely different from what we can envision.

Matthew once noticed something fluffy while riding his bike toward the mountains, which quickly drew his interest.

He paused to assist the infant when he noticed it was a little cub after closer inspection.

However, Matthew was unable to comprehend that the adorable cub was actually a lynx, and things could have gone terribly wrong if his mother had been around.

When Matthew realized this, he made the decision to leave the small creature in the forest, but he didn’t stop thinking about him after that.

He returned to the forest the next day, and it turned out that the lynx was still there.

She was weeping at the moment, but nobody was nearby.

So he brought the baby home.

When he called the zoo, he was given instructions on how to look for the cub until aid could be sent.

After a few days, the zoo came and collected him, caring for him until he was old enough to be released back into the wild.

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